PPC (Google AdWords)

Why Google AdWords is important to your online success.

Lead generation is very important, this can be a huge part of your online marketing, qualified leads. Through our expertise with Google AdWords we can get the right people to your website at the right time – when they are searching for your product or service to buy. Give us a call today for an in person appointment so we can review your options;

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Our website designers are very experienced in Google AdWords campaigns and know they contribute largely to the growth of your business. Google AdWords campaigns can drive specific traffic to your site through mobile, tablet, and desktop searches by targeting specific keywords and phrases that you want your website to show up for. We also geo-target so you're able to target customers in a specific location.

A list of products or services to target is complied with your input. We then create a daily investment price that suits your budget. These campaigns are extremely flexible depending on your goals as a business owner. Increasing your budget allows for more clicks resulting in more leads and customers. Campaigns can start with as little as a $200.00/month budget depending on your area and the industry you are in.

When searching on a mobile device, the ads are the first thing your customer will see. Mobile traffic in Canada is now over 70% of all searches, so having a strong Google AdWords campaign is imperative to your business’ success.

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